Life Insurance

Life insurance is about taking care of those you love so that they are financially protected should the unexpected happen. Or when you are starting out in life, you may want an insurance protection that offers the flexibility and options on the amount you can afford. Advancements in medical technology may improve the quality of life but many of us are not prepared for the financial burden associated with rising medical and living costs. Such worries may be put to rest with a comprehensive protection plan that provides the specific coverage to suit your financial objectives and affordability such as coverage against critical illnesses, total or permanent disability or death.

At Carlos Management & Services, we help you to choose among the wide variety and annuity products that can be customized to meet your particular needs to ensure the coverage you want for your family, wealth and assets.


Traditional Insurance Plan is the choice for those who wish to have a simple, basic coverage which serves as a financial safety net should something untoward happens by offering basic guaranteed protection and saving elements.


Investment Link Insurance Plan is an insurance plan combining both investment and protection. You get not only a life insurance coverage but part of the premium paid will also be invested in specific investment funds of your choice.


Medical Card Plan refers to a comprehensive medical coverage that reimburses your medical expenses incurrent in the event of hospitalization. It takes the stress and burden off your mind with an insurance coverage that take care of medical costs such as medicine hospital stay and surgical expenses. Prompt medical treatment, through cashless admission into both public and private panel hospitals saves lives as well providing more financial resources to seek better treatment. It takes away the nightmare of hospitalization costs impacting income and hard earned savings.


Endownment Plan can help to accumulate and protect wealth for the future by offering a complete and all-inclusive range to cater to different income levels and preference over the tenure of savings. It can provide the insured with a stable income for the period of investment through the payments of annual dividends or yield on maturity. Such benefits are also payable upon survival, death or surrender with maturity period options.


Children Education Plan is an essential part of any parents’ long term plan for their children’s future, with some coverage starting as early as weeks into pregnancy and the crucial prenatal, neonatal and post-natal periods. In general, it is a protection plan designed as a savings methodology to prepare a fund for your children’s entry into college or higher education expenses.


Retirement Plan is one of the ‘proper planning’ route every would-be pensioners should consider as savings in the present gives to a better old but financially independently person in the future. Such plans provide for a stream of guaranteed income to supplement retirement funds.